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OnPointe believes that care plans, specialists and facilities should revolve around patients, not vice-versa.

This is especially vital when viewed across the entire healthcare spectrum where patient’s needs change from stop to stop. Oftentimes, as a patient’s condition changes, what was fine before is no longer an appropriate fit, resulting in inadequate care. Not adjusting to this can cost them time and money, or their independence and, in some cases, even their lives. Regardless of how fitting or high-quality the care is, transitions can be problematic.

At OnPointe, we don’t just provide world-class care, we bridge the gaps. Providing effective care is not merely about the patient’s next step, it’s about an unpredictable sequence of next steps. The where and what of the care OnPointe provides—our people, our processes, our protocols—all revolve around the who. Patients are guided to the most appropriate initial setting based on their specific needs and are transitioned through multiple sites of care as dictated by their medical condition and financial realities. Regardless of where patients’ next steps lead, OnPointe ensures that they are in the most appropriate hands.


The physical environment of care settings matters for all payer types and acuity levels, and there is a large and rapidly growing demand for needs-based healthcare facilities.

Unfortunately, the current supply is largely outdated and often completely underwhelming. More than 80% of Baby Boomers say they cannot stand the idea of the “nursing home,” yet four out of five indicate they would stay at a “hotel-like” property for rehabilitation and therapy, if it were available.

OnPointe and its development partners are meeting this challenge head on by building industry-leading, high quality facilities for both skilled nursing and assisted living customers. This commitment to the quality of the care setting completes our network architecture at a level that can match, or even exceed, our hospital and home-based partner’s customer satisfaction. Our network philosophy can never reach its full potential if any part of the service array is substandard.


OnPointe is a leader in transitions between care settings. We understand the value of providing the often overlooked care transition services. OnPointe is committed to providing these services to all network members regardless of financial affiliation.

We give our providers and patients the best tools to safely transition between care settings. “Hand offs” are simplified and opportunities for unnecessary returns-to-hospital are reduced. Our rapidly expanding use of customer navigators, remote assistance, information technology, and physician integration tools improves outcomes and reduces disruptions to recovery.

Our use and continuous development of these transition tools, coupled with a medical model rather than the traditional custodial model for physician services, makes us a true industry leader in care transitions for post-hospital care.

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From state-of-the-art facility designs to value-based, patient-centric care services to innovative partnership models in the local healthcare community, OnPointe will carefully customize a solution based on your business goals to maximize our partner experience.

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